Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We *Must* Do This

Hello to my fellow gangsters-

I simply love this super sexy video and think we need to attack some schmuck in a similar fashion:

The sooner, the better.
Who shall it be?

-The Knife

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes, we rule...

Our party on Sunday went off without a hitch. We beat men down, out, and all around. We sploshed them, we bound them, we gagged them, and we banged their faces. It was "off the hook". Hmmm... hooks. We need a few of those...

We started off beating a hyperactive type in a wrestling outfit by punching, kicking, making him do exercises, and finally wrestling him down by tying his shoelaces together. He got a great beating, and a bit of bastinado to "boot", so to speak.

Our next victim was made to dress in panties and white stockings like a good little girl, while we made "her" pick up pencils over and over, after slapping them out of "her" hands. Very frustrating, I'm sure. We ended it all Carrie style, by pouring pig's blood (well, really ketchup) all over her. She was the gloppiest prom queen ever!

We then proceeded to tie a victim up, wrap him with rope and halloween lights, and make him stand facing the corner.

Then, almost in a blur, we took victims and made them bob for garlic while we spanked and paddled them in a competition to see who could get the most garlic out of his bowl first. The winner got a very long, very painful caning! And more bastinado, because I felt like it.

Prince Valiant then arrived, and we promptly wrapped him in bandages and made him our "mummy" in the spirit of the holiday. He was not happy as we kicked his balls, paddled them, drew all over his face, and stuffed yet more garlic down his pants, boots, and ooops! In his ass! Here is a little note we received from this unlucky fellow today:

Thank you for another awesome party. It once again seemed to be a big success, and I know I had fun. It was great meeting Shae and seeing everyone there. It was particularly nice seeing you again.
Of all that occurred, the most lasting effect came from that fish thing you were using! I have bruises on my thighs from that thing! ! Of course, some of it could also be due to Alex’s boots, but I don’t think those are what make the marks, I thing it was that darn fish! I like the way the marks look, I think they’re awesome. I’ve washed the tights twice, and I think I can still detect a garlic smell!
I think you missed something that happened at the end of the night, just as I was saying goodbye to the crowd outside. As I turned to leave a large clove fell out from somewhere, I have no idea where. Everyone saw it and said that I was now laying garlic, like a chicken lays eggs. I picked it up to throw it away but Shae told me to put it in my mouth. Then she made me chew it, and swallow it. She stood right next to me so that she could hear the garlic being crunched in my teeth, and watched closely to make sure it was swallowed. That was really aweful. No matter what I did (brush teeth, floss, mouthwash, whiskey), I tasted that garlic all night — every time I breathed. Yuck! Still, it was memorable!
Great party!
Thanks again.

No, Thank YOU!! It was exhausting, glorious, hilarious, and messy! See you at the next one!

Great big thank you to our sadistic sister, Mistress Shae Flannigan, for joining us!