Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Live Vicariously: Review of Violent Fems Attack Party II: Wrath of Dhams!

Sent to Da Kingpin's email, 11/16/10:

Dear Mistress Veronica:

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for Sunday's Violent Fems party. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into the party and the Violent Fems. I especially appreciate your allowing me to be an attackee. Allow me to provide you with my account of and feedback on the evening. Please feel free to edit/use it for any promotional purposes that you feel are appropriate and to forward it to any of the other Violent Fems.

I had the honor of being the first attackee of the evening and the experience will stay with me a long time. It will be hard to recount sufficiently the whirlwind that swept over me from the time Knuckles (a/k/a Mistress Wynter) placed the chain collar around my neck and dragged me from the bar to deposit me at the feet of the Violent Fems, suffered their wicked torments and then, finished with me unceremoniously, dumped me back at the bar, my Star Fleet issued red shirt soaking wet and my soul tattered and torn.

This was the first seriously (play-party) public play I've really ever engaged in, but when I was at the Violent Fems feet, my nipples stung by pinches, my face reverberating with their slaps, gasping as Knuckles spewed water into my face and hungrily craning my neck trying to catch the spit raining done on me, then it was just me and them; the rest of the bar melting away. Prone before them, I felt the boots of several women crush me, with some kicks and stomps on my cock and balls. (The Fems not knowing of the metal studs on my thong, beneath my pants, that made it even more painful.) Devilishly, Da Kingpin shoved the front of her boot into my mouth, making her smile and earning an encouraging "good boy" from her.

Permitting me to catch my breath, the Fems moved me onto my hands and knees, head-down staring at several pairs of boots. Not needing to be told twice, the Fems ordered me to start kissing their boots. Feverishly, I spun from one boot to the next, the Fems prodding me on with their kicks and taunts. Now my thong, earned me an atomic wedgie and much mocking laughter. Tiring of my pathetic attempts at submission, the Fems dismissed me and went on to fresh meat.

The evening had only just begun, and I watched as the Fems abused the other silly boys. I won't account their experiences, but suffice it to say, the Fems are diabolically intelligent and know how to attack their victims in a most direct and personal way. Periodically throughout the night the Fems would reward me with a little attention. Da Kingpin Mistress Veronica) is always attentive to the attackees, abusing them, playing with them and even, on occasion, conversing with politely with them. Psycho Bubbles (Mistress Alex), dropping a nice stream of saliva onto her boot, allowed me the honor of licking it up and then ordered me to shine her boots with my tongue. I licked and licked. I'd still be licking if it meant continuing to be in her presence. Knuckles gave my nipples a sharp workout, her eyes hypnotically calming the raging pain inflicted by her fingertips. Mistress Trish, at one point smiled at me, told me I looked thirsty and spat into my waiting mouth.

Perhaps I was at my proudest during the evening when I had the honor of kneeling before Knife (Ms. Regan Black) and lacing up her boots. Her enigmatic beauty making my fingers clumsy, she patiently sat there, while I laced each boot high up her leg. I was in submissive bliss.

It was a wonderful evening filled with lots of BDSM fun, intelligent and pleasant conversation and a relaxing atmosphere. To be in the presence of such intelligent, creative, energetic, beautiful, dominant and skilled women is a gift beyond compare. Hopefully there will be more Violent Fem parties!

With humble gratitude,
Jim a/k/a Booty Spittoon

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gitcho Geek On, Bitch!


WARNING: The festivities will not be on stage, but happening all around you, so hold on to your control panels, because it's going to be a bumpy space ride!

The intergalactic fun begins: Nov 14th at 7pm. Billymark's West, 29th and 9th Ave NYC. Be there, or be dematerialized!