Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Violent Fems Ad Infinitum Ass Bashing!

Order in the court! The Violent Fems presiding! Announcing the addition of our newest member, Ms. Piper St. Mark's (aka Mistress Astrid)! Shady lawyer and advocate of female delinquency, she comes to us straight from the county courthouse, where she met Da Kingpin (brought in on some flimsy charge- you'll nevah get ME, coppahs!). It was co-conspiracy at first sight, and their alliance was formed when she offered Da Kingpin a fresh Cubano right there in a hallowed hall of justice!

n May 1st 2011, at 8pm we are celebrating this newest edition with an ass bashing of epic proportion. We are on a fucking roll and feel inspired to rule against NYC's submissive male defendants. When we've incurred our wrath, you will surely seek asylum.

The fine print:

The party will be at Violent Fems headquarters on 29th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan: BillyMarksWest. After you find out how famous they are, you will be astounded at what can happen there. We will start the party at 8pm with pre-planned "attacks" happening until about 10pm.

If you've been living under a rock (or, in a cage more likely) there are two tiers for this party: a $10 cover charge to get in as an observer, and a $50 charge to be an "attackee". We must be feeling incredibly generous toward all you wimps, as it is essentially a group session for a fraction of the cost. The party is private, and not welcome to vanilla outsiders. If you are curious about being an attackee, contact Mme Veronica via private message or via email: mistressveronicanyc@gmail.com


~ Da Kingpin aka Gal Capone